dedicated to promoting excellent mental health and well being in children and young people

We aim to raise awareness of the long term benefits of teaching positive, pro-active mental health behaviours and practices to children in the home and in schools from pre-school age.

We will promote an awareness of the relationship between mental health and physical health in children everywhere we can and we aim to make the discussion and promotion of good mental health stigma free.

About us

Dr Sandy Walker, PhD, BSc, RMN, Dip.mus, Dip NLP, IMF, PCAP, PGDip, has been a professional in the arena of mental health since 1989. In 2009 she founded Sanity Books, when she was driven to do something positive to address the issues she saw surrounding mental health in children. The Sanity Company was founded in March 2011

As the Sanity Company grows it's mandate is clear, mental health matters!