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Sanity Training is committed to providing the vision and energy that will unlock the potential in you to create a better world for yourself and others.

» Madness - Fact or fiction?

Anyone who has suffered with any form of mental illness will be able to recount a tale or two of times when they felt they were overlooked or prejudiced against in some way. Is mental ill health something that affects people who are 'different' or is it something that is often an expression of the maladies of the society of today that affect each and every one of us?

» Depression

Along with anxiety this is the most commonly experienced mental health problem nationally. Very few of us will be lucky enough to escape having direct experience of it whether it is ourselves or a close friend/relative that experiences it.

This sessions aims to explore what depressions is. Who gets it? Signs and symptoms of depression. What is the experience like for those who suffer and what can help?

» Anxiety

Anxiety is something we need to survive as a species.

This session explores the problems people experience when this process goes wrong and looks at signs and symptoms of anxiety and what can help.

» Self-Harm

Self-harm is becoming an ever more talked about issue. Is this a sign of serious mental health problems or an expression of distress for a new generation? Is it a new phenomena? Is it attention seeking?

This session aims to increase understanding and awareness and to explore helpful responses. It explores the risks surrounding this issue.

» Communication -
The Key to happiness

So much communication is non-verbal, we speak volumes to each other without ever opening our mouths.

This session explores the assumptions we make about each other, and looks at ways we can begin to communicate more effectively with one another.

What we offer.

Short, interactive sessions designed to educate, inform, gently challenge and provoke change.

  • All sessions range in length from one hour with questions as a minimum, to two day workshops, depending on requirements.
  • Sessions are designed for anyone, but would be particularly helpful for: teachers and school nurses with little background in mental health; carers, clergy, parents and students.
  • The sessions can be delivered in schools, community centres, church groups, in fact anywhere a group of interested people are gathered!
  • Sessions can be tailor-made to suit your requirements. If you don't see what you need here then contact us and let us know.